Introducing the world’s first in-car, touch-based breathalyzer! Sober Sensor is a voluntary device that uses sweat vapor from the hands to prevent drunk driving. Instead of breath, Sober Sensor is based on a similar concept to the alcohol monitoring ankle bracelet, and gets a reliable answer in six seconds.

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  • Not fooled by gloves or non-drivers Sober Sensor inhibits a person from turning on the vehicle or continuing to drive if the driver becomes impaired                      
  • Uses a non-intrusive, virtually invisible touch sensor in the car (on dash, armrest, center console, or steering wheel)
  • More safe and accurate than a breathalyzer
  • In the first year after getting a DUI your car insurance premiums go up on average 94.13%, according to Cover Hound.
  • Great for parents with teens and as PTSA fundraiser
Touch-based, in-car alcohol monitoring

Eliminate peer
pressure with
Sober Sensor

The best
excuse for
not drinking tonight.

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